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Privacy Policy

At your privacy is extremely important to us and we work hard to ensure that any information you provide is kept confidential and inaccessible to any other parties.

Personal Information

When you register with us we require you to provide your name and email address. The purpose of this is so that we can identify you from other customers. This infomation is stored securely on our web server. Our policy is that this information remains strictly private and under no circumstances will we share this information with, or sell this information to, anyone else.

If, in the very unlikely event that this policy were to change in the future, we would only pass on your information after obtaining you explicit permission to do so. This would be done by us sending you an email detailing who wanted the information and asking you whether you agreed. A negative response, or no response would result in us NOT disclosing your information.

You have the option of storing your address details with us. The only reason for doing this is to make the ordering process quicker for you (the order form will be automatically filled with these details - which you can change). We do not use these details and, again, will never disclose them.

Credit Card Details

To process your credit card transaction we use a company called Protx. This is a secure credit card processing company who are linked to most of the major banks.

Protx specialize in handling internet credit card transactions so you can be confident that your details are completely confidential. In fact, because the transactions is handled in this way your card details are hidden from us at - there is no way that we can access your credit card information!

If you want to know more about protx you can visit their site at

Email addresses

Like the majority of web users we HATE spam email! As such we take great care in the emails we send to our customers. In order to obtain your email address we have requested that you register with our site and then we send you an email, which you must action, to confirm this registration (this is known as a double opt-in as you have to take two actions) - this policy ensures that, as far as possible, the email addresses we have are real and of people who want to receive emails from

Once you have registered you can change your account details to ask us not to send emails to you - if you ask us not to, we won't!

The only emails we send you will be directly relevant to this site or quiz products that we are offering. We may introduce a regular newsletter at a later date and will give you the option of receiving this.

Under no circumstances will we ever share your email address with another party - we do not want to be responsible for you receiving Spam!


These are small text files that contain information about you and that internet sites temporarily store on your computer. A cookie can only be accessed by the web site that created it.

It is possible to set your browser to disable the use of cookies - and some people do this because they feel that cookies could be a security risk. At we use a small cookie so that the web server can recognize you when you are logged on. The cookie we use only stores your session id (a unique reference that our web site needs to recognize you when you are logged on). Without this information you will be unable to log on to our site. Therefore, if you have cookies disabled you will not be able to purchase from us - in this case you should either enable cookies or add our domain to your allowed list.