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"A fundraising quiz can be a really profitable idea for any organization"

Quizzes are a great way to have a profitable fundraising event for your school, club or organization. These fundraisers can bring together the whole community in an enjoyable event that everyone remembers.

At theQuizshop we provide everything you need to organize and run a fundraising event − at we provide the quiz so you can concentrate on the FUN!

School Fundraising Ideas that are proven to make money

Many schools run quizzes as fundraising events and with one of our quizzes you can pit department against department or year against year, there are no end to the possibilities.

By running regular school fundraisers you can challenge each department to field teams of parents and pupils and award an annual trophy to the department that has the highest score over a school year.

Or perhaps your quiz event will challenge each form group to field teams - the winning form wins a prize and the glory!!

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Fundraising ideas for Sports and Social Clubs

If you're responsible for fundraising ideas for a sports or social club a quiz from theQuizshop is an enjoyable option that can involve everyone, as well as the families, in an event that will be fondly remembered.

If you are a sports club how about challenging each of your different sports or sports teams to field teams made up of friends and family? This will add a competitive edge to your fundraiser (just don't let it get out of control!!!)

As a social club you can run great fundraising events to boost funds, or perhaps as a fundraiser for a local charity.

Fundraising Event Quizzes - Hints and Tips!

Scouts and Guides are always in need of extra Fundraising Options

If you are involved in a local scout or guide organization you'll know how difficult it can be fundraising for the next event. Running a quiz can easily raise the funds you need for your next camping trip!

By challenging other groups or areas you can run a large fundraising event that can generate a lot of money! This must be more fun than standing at the end of a supermarket checkout packing people's shopping!?!

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